Fiat Nuova 500 D

New Fiat 500 D (second series)

Production: 1960/1965

With the introduction of the “D” version Fiat finally officially admitted the existence of a second series, after three years. The first big step forward had already been taken in 1959 with the introduction of the “openable roof” version. However, this had been considered more as another update of the first series of 1957.

The outside of the “D” presented only some minimal differences from the “openable roof” (with updated headlights). The most significant difference was in the engine, which became bigger and more powerful. The cylinder capacity went from 479 cc to 499.5, same as the Sport, but with 17.5 HP

With the engine changed also the chassis’ denomination: 110D.000.

Below are the main innovations of the new model:

The instrument panel was also subjected to some minor changes as a consequence of the introduction of the ashtray. In particular the position of the turn signals telltale, which was moved next to the high beam headlights telltale, left to the speedometer.

The mechanics:

The 500 D was the first one to be able to satisfy the desire of all those who still had doubts about the previous versions, especially regarding the comfort optionals. Even though there weren’t many differences between the older Openable Roof from 1959 and the new D, the public showed great enthusiasm for the changes; they represented that finishing touch that made the already quite good version from 1959 perfect and that finally brought the 500 to its well deserved success.

The evolution of the D model was made possible also thanks to the repositioning of the Fiat 600, which was proposed in a single version with a cylinder capacity of 750 cc. The difference between the two cars widened both in terms of cylinder capacity and in terms of costs

Price: 450.000 Lire