The IOW – Italian Old Wheels project started from my wish to have a Fiat 500, a small car I always loved since a was a kid and on the backseat of my father’s yellow Fiat 132, I could see that small and bubbly car trying to districate in the busy streets of Milan.

In the early ’80s I could notice the changes in the transportation vehicles, getting bigger and bigger on dimensions and engines.

For years I dreamed to own one and, finally, in 2014 I succeed to to buy my first Fiat 500 L.

I never thought that this very first car could lead to all the things happened and, lastly, to this website.

What is IOW?

IOW is a container of old times vintages. Here we restore cars and scooters of a time which is not here anymore and which can make people dream again thru these vehicles.

IOW is not a full time job, we have no deadlines, we don’t need to sell o buy to support our families. We have jobs in other areas but we perform high level restorations because this is our PASSION and not our job.

How can we do all this?

We can do it because we have patience, we studied and we are very well prepared. When needed, we rely on professional partners but we prefer to call them artisans.

All of this is done withing the “family”, during our free time and ofter with some friends’ help who support us.

If you love the sound of the famous Fiat “bicilindrico”, or the foot operated starter of a Lambretta, we invite you to meet us. Who knows….this may end up in a perfect restoration!

Because time was lasting more…